Five players share first in Munich (2024)

Five players share first in Munich (5)

Five players share first in Munich (6)

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by André Schulz

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6/7/2024 – After nine rounds no less than five players finished first with 7.0/9 each at the Chess Festival in Munich: Vladimir Fedoseev, Giga Quparadze, Dmitrij Kollars, Pavel Eljanov and Frederik Svane. Fedoseev, who started the tournament as the number one seed, had the best tiebreak. | Photo: Fedoseev (left, with White) against Kollars | Photo: Katharina Reinecke/German Chess Federation

Five players share first in Munich (13)

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The centrepiece of the 2nd Munich Chess Festival (24 May to 2 June) was a well-attended A-Open with 132 participants. A number of strong grandmasters took part, top seed was Vladimir Fedoseev.

Among the players most likely to challenge the grandmaster, who now plays for Slovenia, were Ukrainian Pavel Eljanov, seeded second, and the German grandmasters Dmitrij Kollars and Frederik Svane.

Vladimir Fedoseev took the lead from the very beginning, but was unable to shake off a few other players, including Pavel Eljanov and the less well-known Giga Quparadze from Georgia.

Five players share first in Munich (17)

Pavel Eljanov

In the seventh round, the Georgian even managed to beat Fedoseev and took the sole lead with 6.0/7.

In the last two rounds, however, Quparadze did not manage to score more than two draws against Frederik Svane and the young German IM Alex Dac-Vuong Nguyen, and was caught up by the chasers.

The best woman in the field was Evgeniya Doluhanova, who finished 11th with 6.0/9.

Five players share first in Munich (18)

The Ukrainian had an Elo-performance of more than 2400 and managed to beat two grandmasters during the tournament.

Final standings

11GMFedoseev, Vladimir270127077246655,541,50
25GMQuparadze, Giga249424837245850,536,75
33GMKollars, Dmitrij26482639SF Deizisau7244654,541,00
42GMEljanov, Pavel26762700MSA Zugzwang 82 e.V.724395541,50
54GMSvane, Frederik26362630Hamburger SK von 1830 eV723995440,50
618IMNguyen, Alex Dac-Vuong23712379Schachgemeinschaft Leipzig6,5229749,535,00
79GMKjartansson, Gudmundur247525006,5228348,532,75
817IMYelisieiev, Yevhenii24022387SC Noris-Tarrasch Nürnberg 1876,522574631,75
915IMFedorovsky, Michael24062386FC Bayern München e.V.623775029,50
108GMBaldauf, Marco24752461Schachfreunde Berlin 1903 e.V.6237148,533,50
1136WGMDoluhanova, Evgeniyaw22722288SVG Eppstein 1932623385232,00
127GMBromberger, Stefan24852469MSA Zugzwang 82 e.V.6231146,528,00
1337FMWeihrauch, Jakob22722294Hamburger SK von 1830 eV622574830,25
1422FMKundianok, Vladislav23352138622454427,25
1526FMKolb, Tobias23132328SV Seubelsdorf e.V.621924427,75
1676WIMSun, Fanghuiw20972097621884326,50
1713GMUbilava, ElizbarS60240824495,5237752,528,50
1812GMPacher, Milan241324135,523054827,00
1930FMDobrosmyslov, Artem22982319OSG Baden-Baden5,522794524,25
2011IMBaenziger, Fabian241424385,5227544,525,25

...132 players



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Five players share first in Munich (20)Books, boards, sets: Chess Niggemann

Five players share first in Munich (21)
Books, boards, sets: Chess Niggemann

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Five players share first in Munich (24)

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Five players share first in Munich (26)


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Five players share first in Munich (2024)
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